Parks and Recs

This is the first of Parks and Recs. If it goes well you’ll see a lot more for all sorts of things. If this tanks we’ll pretend it never happened and move on. To start things off, I’ll give you a double Rec. That is two recommendations. Now almost any statistical number crunching geek should be able to find his niche in all factions of the world, especially sports. My Recs this time around are two shows all about the grid iron.

First let’s start off with Blue Mountain State. BMS is NOT an intellectually stimulating portrayal of the complex encounters of college life as experienced by football colleagues. BMS is a low brow raunchy show full of fart jokes and fan service. It has a Play-Doh plot, meaning its loose enough to let anything happen without effecting the story. It is hilarious though. It’s a good relaxing time of laughs that will have you needing to watch episode after episode.

My second recommendation is The League. The League is a sports geeks dream. A group of mildly successful bros go through life’s ups and downs all centering around a fantasy football league full of number crunching and cold blooded tactics. This show isn’t intellectually deep either, but it does show the smarter side of the football bro lifestyle. Get into the game and catch both of these on Nexflix. You might just start a League of your own.


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