Smudged Ink: Avenger vs XMen

I would to start by saying that Scott Summers is like the Spiderman of the X Men. Nothing will go right for him. If you have read enough comics or seen enough movies, you know that Scott is some dude who shoots laser beams from his eye. Cool right? But he can’t turn it off. Lame. Then he becomes leader of the X Men. Cool. But as leader he has to take charge in taking out his planet eating girlfriend. Lame. THEN he gets to meet the son he never had with his dead girlfriend, but turns out he’s a hit man set to kill his alternate reality dead beat dad. Then he gets to meet his Granddaughter, who turns out to be the vessel for the rebirth of the SAME thing that killed his last girlfriend, The Phoenix. And if all this wasn’t bad enough, he just happens to be the least likable guy in the whole Marvel Universe that isn’t actually a villain. And with that we have the precursor to Avengers vs. Xmen.

What follows in the next 12 books is what happens when the good guy gets pushed too far. Scott deals with trying to control The Phoenix and keep what is left of his people alive. At this point in time, whoever did not lose their powers from Scarlett Witch casting them away is mostly trying to survive as rogue mutants or have split from the group to live their own lives. By the end of this book a lot of key people are dead and Scott ends up a snapped off lunatic in a jail cell for crimes against humanity. Captain Suckerpunch, also known as Captain America, ends up giving some long preachy speeches despite being completely useless and being an instigator in this madness. Tony Stark finds God and Hope and Scarlett Witch find friendship. And everyone is jacked up. I mean there’s a point where the water CAUGHT ON FIRE. Just outlandish. Avengers vs. X Men is a great series though. I have my usual bones to pick with Captain SuckerPunch and Scarlett “Overpowered” Witch, but it is a good journey.

Personally, I do not understand how such a simple answer took so long to get to. It took Tony Stark and the greatest minds in the world months and cost millions of lives just so two characters that were acting like scared punks could get over themselves and save the world. The best character of this whole series was Cyclops (Scott Summers). For year Scott has been the leader and decision maker on an ever sinking ship that was his life. He has been the good guy far beyond the sensible limitation where a switch should be made. He was the Moses to a lost collection of mutants who could not trust the same world that sent them on the path to extinction and had turned on them once before.

Captain America is a nuisance in all the ways someone like him should be. In many ways his leadership qualities and behavior are not really that far from Scott’s. He just leads a more successful team that is less persecuted and is loved rather than feared. None of those things factor into how Captain America conducts himself, or does not save Scott the long speech on how he is the worst scum of the planet. In the same situation I believe Captain America would act the same way. I feel Scott is most sympathetic in this comic than any other because it really focuses on his character and what pushing someone too far can do.


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