Big Awesome House Party!

May 15, 2006. Probably one of the best days in the history of the world this is when Cartoon Network launched Big Fat Awesome House Party online, I’m not sure how many besides me remember this game but it was an amazing game! You got to make yourself an imaginary friend although mine looked like a wonky teddy bear but you could actually be inside the Foster house and have encounters with the different characters, like my personal favorite Eduardo (yes because he is a Mexican ha-ha). However, not only could you talk to your favorite characters like Frankie, Bloo , Wilt , Coco (who I also adore) Mr. Herriman and so many more but you could actually go on missions for them. The main purpose was to go on adventures with Bloo but in order for you to do this you had to do the “chores” to build up your citizenship. All of this helped you unlock the many mini games and in-game prizes. The characters would remain in specific rooms, but their locations changed depending on how many adventures with Bloo you completed. On your birthday the other residents of the house would throw a party for you. As a gift,your citizenship and popularity bars are filled and you get a party hat to wear around like an OG. The game was pretty huge and there where so many place to explore.

The Foster’s mansion consisted of six floors and a basement although originally only the first and second floors were accessible. New areas were usually unlocked each month and during holiday months the house would be redecorated. The backyard held many notable locations: the unicorn stables, the forest, the Extreme-a-saur cage, Cyrus the Sea Serpent’s lake, the greenhouse and the pool. The outside of the Foster’s mansion also held several notable locations and beyond the Foster’s gate is the bus which initially brought you to the house and allowed you to go into the city where you can choose between going to Mac’s apartment, the mall, school, junkyard, park or airport. As for the mini games they were located in the arcade room and there were 27 available, two or three mini games would be added each month and each game had three different modes referred to as levels. The games had no ending only and ever-increasing difficulty level as you progressed and they were also timed which made it challenging but it ensured a good time as a kid. Overall this game was just fun and always had new surprises around the corner but alas in July 2009, the game ended, with the page saying that “All parties must come to an end”. Despite the game’s popularity, Cartoon Network chose to end it due to the show’s cancellation but anyone notice how they always do that with most shows that are super popular; they kill them off. I tried to look for the game a while a go but you just get re directed to the cartoon network main page. I say they bring this back (along with the show) it was such a great game! Why CN, why did you take this from us!?


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