Smudged Ink: Thanos Saga

Thanos’ saga is a classic. In no other comic has one man’s quest to get a girl to like him been so utterly destructive to the entirety of existence. Thanos’ journey all begins because he has a heart boner for Lady Death, which is Death incarnate. He is just a servant though, so if he really wants to get with her, he is going to need to start big balling. He convinces her that the best way for him to maximize his potential as a destroyer is to collect a few gems that give him some more power. His real goal is to gain supreme power so that Death will love him and they will rule however they want, killing and destroying as they please. Thanos is an idiot. If he had stopped for a second and asked someone, he would have been reminded that she is Lady Death, not Lady Watch You Destroy. Her whole job is owning the dead. But instead Thanos pull himself and the rest of existence into an ever spiraling whirlpool of malarkey just so he can be top dog. And even as Supreme Ruler, his need to please ruins his power and takes his eyes off all he had built, just so people can snatch away and then fight for this newly built power. That power is the Infinity Gauntlet.

Explosions and the astrological help distract from what was the point of the story for the beginning, unrequited love. That being said, they are some amazingly explosions. I am a guy who likes huge battles that span immense areas and have history shaping consequences. This is that story. If this was the doctrine for the rest of comic law, I would gladly accept it. This epic shapes the laws and mythology for comics, at least in the Marvel realm. That’s this sagas importance in history.

This comic’s importance to self is that it shows the most human of emotion and reasoning in what became the most powerful of beings. With an undying resolve and love Thanos conquered the very laws of reality to offer to Lady Death. And in the end sacrificed his all to give her happiness. Through a battle that became everyone else’s search for power, Thanos battled to conquer the heart of Death. All that Thanos had done was unforgivable, and irreversible, but could only be fixed by fixing everything before even him. This is the realization that supreme power shows us through Thanos. In supreme power, where nothing is to be gained of merit, you are left with supreme responsibility. You can only indulge in taking care of yourself for so long before you have to take care of the things with which give you your pleasure. Thanos became Supreme only to have to deal with everyone else’s problems just so he could keep what he had worked for. In the ending scene, Thanos thinks back on a quote, which remarks “What is a King if he rules over nothing”. That is the life lesson of Thanos: Having everything means being responsible to everything and it all means nothing if it isn’t what you truly want.


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