Just like advertised on the iTunes page THIS GAME IS LIFE-RUININGLY FUN!” besides the fact that I like The Simpsons the commercial finally broke me down and made me go Download it onto my Iphone (that has no service I’m an an Android user I just like certain things on the Iphone, it’s a first gen) anywho in this game we find that Homer has accidentally caused a meltdown at the nuclear power plant and well destroyed the entirety of Springfield!

You start off with homer and you do tasks which are in real time so if you do something that says takes an hour IT WILL TAKE AN HOUR but that’s part of why the games very fun. So you also level up as collect more experience points and you can basically make your own Springfield and slowly start being able to purchase and construct buildings like Flanders house, the Krusty Burger, church etc. However, it takes 24 hours to complete. As you start building you usually unlock the characters that go along with these buildings and they are also able to do tasks that earn you cash.

Donuts, yes you can collect donuts although that’s where the paying part comes in to play, many of the tasks can be completed almost instantly for a price…donuts you can buys packs of donuts which I refuse because this is real money being spent on fake donuts but if you don’t like waiting, spending a 1 to 100 dollars shouldn’t be a problem? Well the game does give you about 15 or more donuts to start but you will use them up so use them wisely. Certain items can only be bought with donuts like for example the burning bush or even the squeaky voiced teen. You can visit other areas of Springfield and either help the townspeople or vandalize the city. There is a default city to visit but if you or your friends also play you can go ahead and visit their cities. You will have to set up an Oracle Account or have an EA account in order to add friends and what not but it’s nothing too tricky. WARNING: you do need an internet connection or you will not be able to access the game. I highly recommend this game its good for spending time on between errands or if you just like that SimCity kinda game. So don’t have a cow man and just go get this game.


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