Raging Nerds Christmas List Part 1

Hey are you guys sick of these bad RPG’s that have supremely poor storytelling and characters that you just don’t care about(I’m looking at you Square Enix)? Then take a couple steps back and enjoy probably one of my top favorite RPG’s of all time. If you haven’t heard of Shining Force well you’re in for a treat. It’s a tactical RPG which to most is an unfamiliar concept. If you’ve played games like Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn then this game will be all too familiar.

One of Raging Crow’s favorite RPG’s of all time.

It’s a basic story of stopping the big bad from unleashing a giant evil known as Dark Dragon. You play the silent protagonist Max (or whatever you feel like naming him) and with your band of warriors you will foil their plans. Sounds simple, no? No it’s anything but simple. This game starts off pretty fun and simple but once you start sailing across the seas you may end up on the wrong side of evil shellfish and Pegasus knights. Now Shining Force was made for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis however, if you don’t have that beloved console you’re still in luck. For 800 points you can purchase this game on the Nintendo Wii and trust me you won’t regret it.
~Raging Crow

For the 16 bit lovers out there, I have a great recommendation, that is if you like hard games, and I mean HARD. Getting tired of games that hold your hand, treating you like a baby, even playing themselves for you? Want to play a game that will really test your strength as a gamer? Then I got a great game for you. From the Mega Drive, I present to you Alien Soldier made by Treasure, the guys who brought you GunStar Heroes, Sin and Punishment, and Radiant Silvergun.

In Alien Soldier, you control a bird-man named Epsilon Eagle with a gun buster on his hand. He can have 4 weapons at once and you can choose 4 out of 6 weapons at the start of the game to create your own customized arsenal. This game is a run-n-gun where you blast your opponents and face giant bosses with some of the best animation you will see in a Mega Drive game. However, don’t think you can blast your way through and expect victory. While the normal enemies may not pose a threat, the bosses will put up a nasty fight. There are over 20 stages with bosses at every turn, and they are unique in every stage. You gotta use your brain in this game as well as put your reflexes to the test. So why not give yourself a challenge with Alien Soldier? Though the cart is rare, you can easily pick this up for the Virtual console.

If you play VN, I highly recommend the “Garden of Sinners DVD Box Set Limited Edition”. It comes with all 8 movies, a 36 six page book and 14 post cards made by Takashi Takeuchi and Tomonori Sudo (I love how they draw Shiki in a white kimono)

I remember watching every movie and it was so well made. The story was complicated at first for me and it took me a while to figure out that there was male “Shiki” and a female “Shiki”. You can tell the artist put so much work in Shiki when she fights, not to mention her ability to kill anything in her path with her eyes. The fights are fluid but at times it will leave you with unanswered questions (I had to re-watch the movies several times to get those answer). However, this is definitely something you’d love to own.
~El Megaman


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