Raging Nerds Christmas List Part 2

When it comes to holiday gifts, I don’t mind the usual gifts of itchy reindeer sweaters and rare European chocolates. Seriously, sometimes I need a nice big box of sweets to get through the day. But at heart, I’m a very practical person. I enjoy having nice things that will benefit me in the future. While most people think of hoarding the basic food, water and guns for a potential doomsday, most don’t ever stop to consider the spiritual safety of their home. That’s why this Christmas I want the trusty Ghostbusters Proton Pack to add to my prepper collection.

Ghosts are pesky little vermin. They’re constantly wailing and moaning in the attic, knocking over all the good wine glasses, and worst of all staying rent free! One blast of the proton laser beam and those ghouls are instantly sent back to eternity where they belong. Just be careful not to shoot anyone by accident, because making love to a pile of ashes is just wrong…and kinda messy.
~Melodic Chaos

Sweet mother of all that is holy it’s Christmas again! Everyone get you sunglasses, put them on, remove them and say “Mother of God…” did it? Good, because if you don’t I will find you…Everyone has their wish list of things they want for Christmas but for us gamers the list is never ending and is never fully satisfied. What is one to do? Well this is why we here at RagingNerds exist to help you indecisive fuckers decide…as if I don’t have enough shit to do damn it you lazy bastards…<3 So without further ado, I, LoboNerd will give you my personal must have Christmas games of 2012!
(Mind you these are no specific order :3)

Borderlands 2: If you were at all a fan of the original Borderlands game, there is absolutely no question and should be in no way hesitant to buying this amazing game. It’s a welcome and much anticipated sequel that did not disappoint! For those who were wary about putting the money forward for the game lay those worries to rest if you are an FPS, RPG, or a Humor Game fan then this game will definitely be a worthy title for your collection!

The Walking Dead: Wow…just wow that’s all I have to say about this AMAZING game. Unlike most TV to game or Movie to Game adaptions this game actually does the series justice. If you were ever a Heavy Rain fan or a Zombie game crazed fan like myself, or you just love a good story driven game then this is definitely for you! This make not only captures pretty well what a zombie apocalypse would feel like in the real world and how hard it would be to survive. It also makes you realize that some harsh decisions have to be mad in less than 3 seconds…I’m serious this game makes you decide on some fucked up things man. If you aren’t much a “quick-time event” fan then this game might not be for you. But as a Zombie fan I definitely recommend it!

Counter Strike Global Offensive: Like Borderlands 2, CS:GO was a welcome reboot to the series. As i mentioned in my review, it is indeed a great game and definitely worth the buy considering it’s only $15 on Steam!

Sleeping Dogs: I was a fan of the True Crime series when it was big and when I heard that True Crimes : Hong Kong got scrapped I’ll admit I was a bit saddened by it, but Sleeping Dogs is kind of a pickup and redo of where the game got scrapped and it does it well. If you are at all a GTA or Saints Row fan this game could definitely tickle your fancy. However, this game shows off a different story though and what stuck out to me was the fighting mechanics in the game. It takes on John Woo (gun fights) / Batman Arkham (Fist fight) mechanics and blends it. It works pretty well with a great story that’s definitely worth the play, if you see it on sale it would be a welcome addition to your collection!
There are many more games I could recommend to all you lovely gamers but I would run out of oxygen before I’m done but in my opinion these games are definitely something you should check out!
Rage on Nerds and Happy Holidays!


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