Raging Nerds Christmas List Part 3

With Christmas already here, stores are almost throwing their merchandise away to get it out before 2013. That means it’s time for us Working Class Heroes to get a good deal. Here are my 5 things to get.

1. Avengers VS X Men: This book is one of those classics that any modern day nerd will need to debate other nerds in “Who Would Win” arguments. This also set the new rules of the Marvel Universe and shook a lot of things up. Best of all, it answers the burning questions like: Is Scott Summers ever going to do something relevant? What you should not invest in is the spin offs and the tie in books. They are all just side projects made to rope in some extra cash. They start off ok, but as the main series continues, they just become quickly done things with the hope of just keeping up. The only book series follow up to show promise is “Consequences” which deals with the fall out that AvX leaves.

2. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale: I know this is just PlayStations version of Super Smash Brothers but whatever. You can still play it with your friends online at 2 in the morning from the comfort of your couch in your underwear. Or you can play it with your family and bond while they try to figure out “that one guy’s name from that one game”. Either way, pick it up and get back into the stupid salt producing fun you lost touch with over time.

3. Netflix: Let us be honest, there is rarely anything to watch on TV and you rarely have time to watch it. Well Netflix did you the service of collecting your childhood and putting it all in one place that you can watch over your phone or your laptop. Finally, you can catch that episode of Power Rangers that you missed because you had to go outside for something. It even has Disney movies, so you can see all the sequels to the movies you loved and think “This is what they did with that?” It will probably get the most use out of your electronics and you can talk your parents into paying for it with all their oldies in the selection too.

4.An External Hard Drive: We live in the digital age. We download everything. And then something breaks and we lose it all. Buying an External Hard Drive gives you a safe place to back it all up for later. Let us just hope the future still has USB ports.

5. A Tablet: Books are dying. Bookstores are dying. And staring at that small screen will turn you blind. Get a large tablet, preferably with a keyboard dock. It will let you do everything you want to do on your laptop, but it’s much lighter and easier to carry around. And with the coupons going around, you can save a good amount on it.



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