10 Nintendo Facts You Don’t Know!

1. The Nintendo company actually began in 1889 and they were making Hanafuda cards (Japanese playing cards)

2. Nintendo has owned the Seattle Mariners since 1992.

3. Nintendo has sold so many games that if you stacked them all the stack would be 6,000 miles higher than Mt.Everest.

4. In 2000 Nokia & Nintendo wanted to create a phone.

5. Kirby’s original name was to be Tinkle Popo.

6. Some officially licensed titles for the original Nintendo hid sexual innuendos or contained flat out nudity and were passed by the censors.

7. In 2008 Nintendo made 1.28 million dollars for every employee.

8. In 2009 Nintendo sold 2.5 systems every second.

9. Nintendo is a larger company than Sony, Target, Panasonic, Nike, and Yahoo.

10. To make games last longer NES games were insanely hard to beat. Today gamers call really difficult games “Nintendo Hard”.


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