App Review: Game Informer Mobile

If you’re a reader of my reviews, you’ll notice Im never too negative. I try to say what good I can to give people a chance to try something and find something they like as well. That being said, there is nothing to try with the Game Informer App for Android and iOS. Few things are deserving of a rank, because scoring is usually relative to the quality of things in its respective time and field. The Game Informer App is truly deserving of a 1 out of 5. This s a testament that is beyond the relativities of time. This App is bad in any circumstance. It is, in all ways, unusable. In a market where your first swing can be your last, the Game Informer App is a true miss. To tell you its bad without discussing why would be an incomplete portrayal of the App.

What makes it unusable is the design and execution in every aspect. Once you manage to log in to your account, which takes some maneuvering with the non-mobile site, you can experience the wonder of the mobile app. The pictures are pixelated. The writing takes forever to load. The words are sometimes too big or small for the device screen. And last but not least, there is no additional bonus to using the site rather than the printed magazine. Site site is more of an incentive to get the physical magazine than to save the paper. Mobile sites thrive on convenience, this app is anything but. In a world where so many apps offer digital reading, there were plenty of examples to pull from, but this App has blazed a path of wreckage all its own. It has earned my first score ever, a 1 out of 5.


One comment on “App Review: Game Informer Mobile

  1. I found this review while googling around to see why I can’t seem to bookmark a page in the Game Informer app at all, even though I’m doing exactly what the app’s help screen tells me to do. So that’s anecdotal support of your review right there. 🙂

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