Mint Print- Pokémon’s Evolution and Playability

There always seems to be a bit of history repeating and in the geek
community that’s always seemed to be truer as time goes by. Whether you’re still attempting to beat Mario without a save or still learning the finer physiques of pong, the “old” always seems to come back in one form or another.

The newest thing in retro: Pokémon cards. The crack-like addiction of some of our childhoods has come back to use leech life on our wallets once again. But don’t dig through your dusty card binder just yet. The new cards include new abilities, rules, and special effects that some of the older players might not be keen to. Your rare cards might be more valuable sold than played now, but that Rattata that only knows Bite for 10 is as useless as ever. Revamped to fit the fantasies of the old with the innovation of the new, this new era of Pokémon has Gyms, Leaders, Trainer registration, and battle halls to prove you’re the best of them all. It’s everything you dreamed of while clutching your Gameboy in your sweaty little hands.

Be warned though, for some Pokémon never faded away, so there are some vicious players who fight better than Gary Oak with all 10 of his badges. Ask your local toy or comic book shop if they sponsor Pokémon battles or search Pokémon centers in your search engine. Until later, in the words of Nurse Joy “Hope to see you soon”.

-Jason Daley


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