Young Justice/Green Lantern Review

Young Justice/Green Lantern

Even though we are currently in a time where comic book heroes are all the rage and you can’t go too far down the street without seeing something related with a comic book, two shows that have a large following have been axed from the Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network held a press conference announcing their new line up and Young Justice and Green Lantern were not mentioned (also Star Wars: Clone Wars was omitted possibly due to Disney buying Lucas Films). Although Cartoon Network has not made an actual statement the producer of Green Lantern, Giancarlo Volpe confirmed the end of the series via Twitter .He stated. “This time we knew. They just didn’t want us to announce it publicly until they did.” There has been no comment from Brandon Vietti producer of Young Justice. Cartoon Network will be replacing these two shows with the Teen Titans Go which will possibly be a sort of sequel to the 200’s Teen Titans and they also have Beware the Batman which will be the first CG Animated Batman Adaptation. Hey, both of those shows sound pretty awesome too even though I personally hate CG, which was one of the reasons I didn’t watch Green Lantern as much but ill sure watch both of these new shows.

Green Lantern and Young Justice were part of Cartoon Networks Saturday morning line up for DC Nation, which I used to try and always get up for. Both shows had a large ‘cult” following but of course in the land of television ratings are everything and that might have been the probable cause for the cancellations. Personally can I blame DVR’S? Yes these devices make our lives so much easier but many of the people who loved the shows where adults and even as a parent it’s easier to record and then watch later. So no one’s really tuning in to the show when it’s first airing but rather much later, which is completely understandable. Adults work, Kids don’t want to be up at 7am, you can skip all the annoying commercials (which are a huge money maker for networks) and the worst for them, you save it and re-watch whenever you want never having to tune into their network. So it’s probable why these and so many decent shows get cancelled or put on hiatus especially since these shows would air so early in the morning, it takes dedication. If these shows would have been around during the 90’s when we had things like Batman the Animated Series, Animaniacs, Superman the Series and so many others you would be up with your breakfast watching the TV or run home from school to tune in. This time I suppose I might not get too mad at Cartoon Network but then again they do this a lot even before the DVR’s they would cancel shows that were popular, so maybe I know nothing about how TV works or they just never learn. Word around the internet is there is a petition which I will gladly sign, Young Justice was ext5remely entertaining and I just sincerely loved it as much as The Justice League or Batman TAS probably because of the similar animation style. The plots and storylines for both these shows were decent and up to par there were quite some correlation occurring between the show and comic books. So goodnight sweet princess hopefully someday you will be brought back and once again fill our nerd hearts with joy.


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