Moonlight Walks

Moonlight Walks

The story is about a nameless character, which has one summer left before he goes to college (Yes we all know that being a student in then anime universe means a harem, but not here and no, this is not an eroge VN). The main character wanted to visit America, but since he has very little funds for this; he decides to go visit his uncles on an island. However, it’s a small island that is somewhat isolated from the mainland. One night when the full moon was out, the character decides to go and takes pictures of the moon.

After some time passes and he is done taking pictures, a girl in the distance appears in a white dress. Walking along the beach towards his direction. Being a fan of Visual Novels it actually feels quite refreshing when a character meets another by chance. Like in Planetarian, then main character (also nameless), meets the main heroine not because he knows her per se. He just needed a place to rest and she was there. In Katawa Shoujo, our main character develops a heart problem and later he is sent to a special school where he has to learn a new way of life with his condition. It’s here where he meets others with different conditions as well.

Anyways, after selecting a response the story may continue. If you choose correctly you get to meet our heroine Mary Harper. She is a regular 17 year old girl walking the beach, nothing grand nothing special just a normal girl (at least at first). After asking her if you could join her on her walk, both characters stroll down the beach together attempting some small talk. Depending on the choices you make, her dialogue will vary. You learn about her family, her dreams, and a small glimpse of her day to day life. When dawn is about to happen, you ask her if you could see the sun rise together and she replies with, “It’s sunrise all ready? I have to be going!” Luckily you get an option on what to ask, before she leaves.

Version 1

The art of this game is very detailed; the moon looks like its illuminating the sky, the grass almost looks real and the library building looks well drawn. Mary’s facial expressions are easily readable and you can easily tell the difference in work that was put in from version 1 and 2.1.

This game follows the basic rules of a Visual Novel; choose option “A” or “B” depending on what you say and the game will continue. Playing this game the first time around (I played it on an android, version 2.1, it also comes for Linux and the IOS), I ended the game in five minutes. I thought she was coming back to the place where they met but that never happened.

Now, for the music well there isn’t any (besides a small jingle after you get an ending). I was actually expecting some songs like — Kite and Blackrose in Lambda Town or the .hack//Game Music Perfect Collection. The majority of the time you hear the ocean waves, hitting the beach and other environmental noises. It fits well with the game, which gives you a sense of solitude. Only the two of you enjoying each other’s company. Over all the gameplay is only around 2 hours and if you played Visual Novels previously then this will be cake walk. If you have 2 hours to kill, this will be a good way to pass the time.


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