The Bats Out of the Bag


On October 25th Warner Bros. Interactive confirmed its launching a prequel for the previous Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City. This game will take place many years before the two previous games and will be available for PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and WiiU. In this new game players will follow a younger Bruce Wayne as he starts to become the Dark Knight. Not much is said about the villains that will appear but they did mention that Deathstroke will be a main villain.

There was also a mention of the League of Assassins which was once known as the League of Shadows, so maybe that’s a hint at a possible appearance of Ra’s al Ghul. In addition to this new game they will also release a new Batman title for the Nintendo 3DS and PsVita called Arkham: Blackgate, but this is still in development. I am most definitely excited for this game, although Rocksteady Studios isn’t behind it I’m crossing my fingers that it will be just as amazing as the previous games.


One comment on “The Bats Out of the Bag

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