Mirai Nikki Review

Mirai Nikki

This anime revolves around a boy named Yukiteru Amano, also known as “Yuki”. He’s a somewhat isolated kid who is on his phone a lot. From time to time Yuki writes in his diary of random events that he sees; whether it’s his classmates, a dog barking, or something that just happened a few moments before him. He has two friends, Deus Ex Machina and his helper Murmur, both of whom are imaginary. The story is about Yuki being thrown into a battle royale because of his imaginary friends; it turns out that Deus Ex Machina is, well, God, and he needs a successor because he is dying. Now Yuki is forced to fight in order to stay alive since the idea of becoming God isn’t really all that appealing.

Also involved in the story are two unique girls named Yuno Gasai and Uryuu Minene. Yuno Gasai looks like any normal student you’d see in an anime school, though in truth she is actually a character with a lot of depth. She comes from a broken home, with parents that are very abusive, and yet she still tries to do her best in all her endeavors. Being an adopted child, her parents had little trouble taking their aggression out on her when strain for the family came up. When their financial troubles started to build, Yuno took the abuse and tried to make them happy as best she could. At their worst, her parent’s would lock her in a cage and deny her food.

Uryuu Minene, on the other hand, is a anti-religion terrorist who targets religious organization without discrimination. As a child, her parents were killed by a religious extremist while in the Middle East, making her an orphan, stranded in a strange land. She survived from the tender age of eight by stealing food and whatever supplied she needed. When escaping death at every turn, being a child is no easy task. As an adult she became a terrorist, destroying churches, chapels, temples, mosques – any religiously affiliated building was a target. Ironically, despite losing her parents to extremists, Yuno becomes an extremist herself, making it her mission to remove mentions of god, or or gods, from the world.

The art of Mirai Nikki is very detailed, and aesthetically very well done, especially in certain scenes that involve Deus Ex Machina. The world is actually CG- normally I’m opposed to mixing CG and anime together, but in this case it works perfectly together. You can tell the animators took extra care to make sure the characters mesh well with the CG world. As for the characters themselves, the artist places special attention to Yuno and Yuki’s facial expression in most scenes, as in when Yuki introduces Yuno to his friends as more than a friend, and when Yuno says to Yuki she will protect him (which happens to be my favorite scene). You can see clearly how much of her lunacy has taken over her. The colors and the shades in the characters’ facial expressions wasn’t overlooked in the slightest, either.

While watching this it reminded me of Fate/Stay Night, the visual novel, which also contained a battle to the death, and worked on a class basis (Sabers, Castors, and Archers). Each class, had its own stats, and your class of choice would have varying disadvantages depending on who they fought. The same applies here in Mirai Nikki. Another feature of the game is the Future Diary: each character is given a diary that goes up to ninety days into the future. It depends on the player to find their strengths and weaknesses within their diary. This anime will not disappoint you, with all its shocking, engaging, and compelling moments. At times you will even feel some compassion for some of the other characters that will try to kill Yuki.


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