Iron Man 3: Of Man and Metal


Iron Man 3 is a great conclusion to a trilogy plagued with rocky news and tough times. The first movie was an amazing beginning with a reaction that reinvigorated the comic book and super hero movie cultures. But after switching supporting roles from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle in the second movie, fans were concerned, and rightfully so, that there might no be a third movie of as good a quality. That worsened after the release of The Avengers, which molded the three Marvel films together in such a great way that a it would be hard to follow up. Some of the biggest Iron Man fans I know were getting serious doubts, thinking that Iron Man 3 might just be a “phoned in” film that wouldn’t do much more than go through the motions in order to wrap the series up and make some last minute cash.


We were all pleasantly wrong. And if you based what you thought the movie would be about by the commercials, you were probably wrong too. The commercials were cut, using footage not in the movie, to make it seem like Tony Stark would have to battle his own suits in order to save the world from some evil force hacking his older models. What the movie is really about is Tony Stark discovering that he is more than the asshole in the world saving metal suit. It’s a much better direction for the film to go, especially considering the way the first two films and The Avengers went.


Since the first movie, Tony Stark has been seen as both the destroyer and the savior. He has built an amazing suit that can protect and save, but he is also a deeply flawed ego-maniacal asshole and the only one who can use the suit. Nick Fury himself approved just the suit as a member of the Avengers but outcast Tony. His own attitude has kept him away from being a hero himself, and his efforts at the end of Avengers just made him more of an outcast.


Iron Man 3 focuses on Tony Stark discovering his own power as a man outside of the protection of his suit. As much as it’s kept him from dying, its also kept him from the world and has become a crutch for him socially. He is forced to go a good portion of the movie without his suit and make due with his wit to solve problems and get to the bottom of a large evil plot. You don’t have to worry though. There is more than enough suit action sprinkled through and loaded in that you will get your fair share of repulsion beams and smart bombs. The best part for any suit lover is that you get to see a lot of the specialty suits that he has built in different times in the comic book series. The amount of nerd Easter eggs in this movie is fantastic.


The only down side is the big reveal after the credits. With contract signings and news of who is locked in for the next big superhero movie, you have to have a bigger reveal than before. Especially because we already know what will be the next movies. The reveal has to get some strong tieing element from the next movie in the one you’re watching. The bar has to be raised every time, and this time the reveal after the credits just seemed tacked on so they could call it a day. Other than that, Iron Man 3 is a solid movie that is worth your time.




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