Nintendo Direct


Nintendo has always been the kid out of the fight. They don’t have to battle Microsoft or Sony to be the big man on campus. Nintendo is and will be. This E3 they proved it by not having a live press conference. Instead they pre-filmed a direct video and just talked about what they we going to do and what to expect. They didn’t even need a crowd for hype. They just told the world, at one single time, the future of Nintendo. And the future looks good.


I did not plan on wanting the new Wii U. I did not plan on considering a 3DS. But as I sat through the Nintendo press conference, I found myself wanting one more and more. Pokémon X and Y have been announced and they have stay consistent through the following months. The new Pokémon title is a good graphics update but nothing amazing. Fairy type is cool, but not the most groundbreaking thing in the world. Poke-Ami is cool, but it’s a redone previous idea. The guaranteed worldwide launch date is big news though: They both drop October 12th. Super Mario 3D for the Wii U didn’t blow me away either, although I will admit the cat suit is pretty adorable. It has 4 player capabilities and each has special abilities. Same song for Mario Kart 8. The fact that there is an 8 shows how close Nintendo sticks to their guns. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker also isn’t big, even if you can change the sail to move faster. Donkey Kong is still Donkey Kong, now with Dixie Kong.


What did impress me was how they covered what they consider hardcore gamers and how they attempted to bring back old fans how have fallen out. The hardcore gamers that primarily play Wii U have a mild selection of third party and indie games to choose from, along with some Wii U and 3DS exclusives. Platinum Games is releasing The Wonderful 101. It looks like Viewtiful Joe and Pikmin had a love child. It plays like a hack and slash title I can lose track of time in. It has the golden seal of being a Platinum Games title, and it’s sure to live up to its kin like Bayonetta.


Speaking of Bayonetta, it is getting an explosive sequel. I am not too sure on the story, especially because Bayonetta’s hair is cut and that’s weird because it’s how she controls her powers. Visually it has explosions and a lot of charm to it. There is an obvious antagonist who is dressed in all white to counter your all black. And like any great teaser there is a nondescript third character at the very end. It didn’t grab me like it should but it will definitely be worth checking out.

What caught my eye from the get go was the new game from the Xenoblade team which, according to their direct conference, is unnamed. It has mechs and air battles and some great gameplay graphics. From the short but sweet trailer it seems very Robotech in origin and will almost certainly have to do with a world encompassing war where the only answer is giant robots.


After this, the direct conference got real. Nintendo saved it’s best for last and showcased what might have been the biggest announcement they could. OK, we knew it was coming a little, but it still managed to reach out and grab everyone by the wallet. The new Smash Bros will be huge. Smash Bros is always big when it comes out and this is no exception. The big reveal was everything the Megaman can do as a character. Like last time, I am almost certain more characters will be added to the roster. But as it has been presented, Smash Bros is the must by Nintendo title of the year. I am positive that preordering will come into full effect and that Nintendo can count on this to drive some major sales once the game comes out.

Now the last thing they showed was the one that touched my heart the most. That was Pikmin 3. Never have I been angrier to be so happy. Pikmin is a title that I personally love, and Pikmin 3 will be too hard for me to pass up. I will play that game, and I may have to get a Wii U to do it.

Nintendo didn’t disappoint, and managed to effortlessly impress, with their short yet to the point E3 direct conference. They have surely reaffirmed that they are a major player in the gaming world.


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