Battlefield 4


Battlefield 4 is one of the most humbling, debilitating experiences I’ve had in a long time. What makes this game so respectable is an honest to form and function. More than a shooting game, this is a military simulation. You are a single soldier. You can go in with a squad of four friends or four strangers, but you will always have a squad. And even in the massive 64 player games, you need your squad to function efficiently.


When you start out there are no amazing boosts. You walk and run at a normal pace. All the colors are dark natural hues made to imitated real life. Your gun has limited ammo and there are few indicators to help you. You have to work to the best of your abilities to benefit your team. And if your team works to their strengths, it will benefit you.


This is a game strongly based in realism. All the guns kick and the bullets drift like they would in real life. And you have to consciously accommodate for that. Once you’ve earned your stripes, there are no super abilities. There is only what works best for you and your team role. When you die, and you will die, you can’t automaticly jump back where you started. There is an out timer before you can rejoin the fight. You can only deploy yourself next to a squad mate or at a base site. The game let’s you overview each location so you know what you’re getting yourself into.


The first option on the menu screen is Multiplayer. The game knows that’s where most of its players will be. The Campaign is a good distraction and can earn you some trophies, but Multiplayer is where its at. There are all the usual favourites: Domination, Death match, Conquest. Conquest sevens to be the most popular game types based on the number of online lobbies. At the end of the day, Battlefield 4 demanded more focus and concentration than I was used to and made me work harder by withholding my immediate satisfaction, which is rare and refreshing.




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