Grimm Review: Season 4, Episode 1, “Thanks for the Memories”

Previously on Grimm: Adalind sexually assaulted Nick while in a Juliette suit, causing Nick to lose his powers just before the Monrosalee wedding; the rogue wesen FBI agent (aka Weston Stewart) shot Renard in front of Trubel, who then promptly separated the shooter’s body from his head.

Quote of the Week: “Knowledge is Power.”

Fun Fact: Did you know Thomas Hobbes was Francis Bacon’s secretary when he was a young man? One of them is the origin of the QOTW, but history can’t decide which. Also, in German, the verb “to know” is “wissen,” pronounced ‘vissen.’ The writers of this show love language and linguistics. Like, a lot.

And it’s a two-parter! I don’t mind two-parters with Grimm because they tend to be stories with enough momentum to propel through. Sure enough, there’s very little padding in part one.

Right off the bat, Renard is not dead. There is no way the best looking and most interesting character on the show is going to die. (I love Nick and Monroe, but let’s be real.) Don’t worry about it. Well, until we find out who the mystery blonde is.

To start, because Nick, Trubel, Hank, and Juliette act like real people, while in the car on the way back to the Burkhardt house they discuss what’s happened in the season 3 finale, not leaving out any detail that might create false conflict, and begin to deal with the implications and fall out. They also realize they need a unified cover story, and fast. They even anticipate that Trubel might want to run given her background, and calmly and supportively prevent it. Later, Juliette and Nick have a conversation about what happened, and she isn’t blaming Nick for being a victim. No one is angry with Trubel for not being perfect in dealing with a pretty nasty situation on her own. Even Monroe and Nick deal with the unique difficulty created by their friendship like adults. Oh, and Wu found one of the books on wesen, so might have some real trust issues now. Man, I missed this show.

Although, if Monrosalee won’t go on their honeymoon until the chaos dies down, they’ll never leave. And it is time to tell Wu about the wesen birds and bees. At this point, it’s getting kind of cruel.

New credits! All the regulars are featured now, including Claire Coffee’s Adalind, and Reggie Lee’s beloved and beleaguered Seargent Wu. The keys also feature prominently, which is a good sign for some actual movement on that story this season. And they still won’t get rid of wesen Hitler. Eesh.

But this isn’t just one of the world building, serialized story episodes. They still get a Cthulu-faced Monster of the Week(s) to deal with, who really takes his time playing with his…food? Long enough to span a long scene at the Burckhardt house, and for his victim’s girlfriend to fly home from Paris early and catch him in the act. This also served to show how thoroughly the supernatural world has been realized in this show. The truly cold-blooded murder of the girlfriend, with no cultural or species-based implications, is a rare one on this police procedural. The creature isn’t just trying to survive, or acting on a base instinct he could do better to control. There’s no moral lesson here, and the act is so much more shocking for it. It’s also interesting that we spend so much time with this MOTW while he’s not woged out. The evil here is corporate espionage, so the coldness and calculation of the MOTW’s actions service the story well.

Other things to know:

There’s a story arc involving a wesen FBI agent, Chavez, who didn’t have Monroe around to ease her into the “Nick’s not like the other Grimms” narrative, and she’s caught the Weston Stewart investigation. I think that moment after questioning Trubel was to show Nick what it’s like for everyone else when a wesen woges. Nice touch.

Wesley the Royal is back this season, and he’s beholden to a king! Wait…daddy’s been a live all this time? Somehow I forgot that detail. And Adalind is on her way back to Vienna to try and save her baby – who is really on an epic road trip with Mama Burkhardt. Oops.

The Airstream Trailer has been moved to a very pretty plot of land in the middle of nowhere. It also got bigger on the inside.

Nick and Hank can only find so many creative ways to get Trubel into the path of guilty wesen in the course of their investigations, so “Nick the normal guy” can’t last long. Still, it should be an interesting ride.

On to part two!


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