Skitzo The 1920’s Killer Bear Plush Toy Kickstarter

Hey guys it’s Raging Crow that guy with the fro and I’ve got something awesome for you guys. Now if you guys remember a while ago we did an interview with Crystal Gonzalez at the Latino Comics Expo.

Crystal has a knack for the creepy and the macabre, much to my delight. Now I know what you’re asking, “Raging Crow, what does that have to do with me?” Not to worry my friends I’ve got you covered. Have you always wanted your own creepy plush doll to scare your nephew with? No? Oh so I’m just the weird one here right? Either way check out this Kickstarter and you can have your own Skitzo the Killer Bear plush. Oh and yes, glowing eyes are included. To check out this kickstarter click here. There’s only seven days to go so get on it my fellow raging nerds!


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