Terminator Genisys Review


“There’s no fate, but what we make”

That phrase has been the arc phrase for the Terminator series since 1984. The idea that nothing is sure and that a band of poorly equipped humans can stop a cheating, overreaching artificial intelligence from destroying the human race has always been the point. There’s always love—though as we saw in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, it isn’t always romantic–and comedy of the black variety. And that’s what we’ve come to expect from a Terminator movie: a good film about love, good vs evil, and fate.

Terminator Genisys hits the proper notes for a Terminator film.

Bad Robo—Cybernetic Intelligence? Check
Love? Check. Check.
Humor? Check. Check. And Check.

That isn’t the problem. The problem is that Terminator Genisys manages to hit all of the right beats, but somehow the movie lacks soul and heart. Through nostalgia and sheer charm, Terminator Genisys does manage to wash away the sour taste left in many a fan’s mouth by Terminator Salvation, but it can’t manage what it needed to do most: live up to the spirit of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. That’s disappointing, because there was so much potential that is ultimately wasted on jump scares and redundant no-win battles.

If you have a few spare bucks, by all means see Genisys. At a matinee. At a cheaper multiplex. But don’t expect a deep story from this simple popcorn flick.

Raging Crow: 6.5/10
Twitch: 7/10

*This video below contains some of the spoilers we didn’t discuss in the first video.


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