Mistress America Review

To the people who have seen this film: I announce that Lola Kirke as my new actress crush!! BRING IN THE GOSPEL MUSIC!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

Mistress America is the second collaboration of Actress Greta Gerwig and Director Noah Baumbach. This is the follow up to their 2012 indie hit known as “Frances Ha”. That film in particular was my actual introduction to Noah Baumbach. I had a little hesitant feeling going into Mistress America because I have always had a issue with Baumbach and that is that he is just not that funny in my personal opinion. “Frances Ha” was a film I laughed a couple of times and his recent film before this was “While We’re Young” which I found not really funny at all. So when I saw the trailer for this film, I was not laughing at all as well. But the one thing that I have always been impressed by Baumbach is that he really knows how to write a screenplay. So I had no idea what to expect and I must say that Mistress America has become the surprising film of the year so far for me! If anything it is probably Baumbach’s best film yet.

But before I go into this, If you guys do not know. I usually like to review movies that are not necessarily released to the public but only to a limited release because I feel like Independent movies are the last true works from Cinema while in Hollywood it is always the producer that has the decision to do whatever he wants to do. With these films, I feel like we should support them in a time where people do not think filmmakers in Hollywood do not make good movies anymore. Just throwing it out there.

What amazes me mostly about Mistress America is its characters. Their original, creative, and feels real to a fault. Not only that but the dialogue being spoken from them does not feel like movie dialogue. If I just decided to look at this film from just a character perspective, I’d be sitting on cotton candy. It is also Baumbach’s most humorous film as well. Which was the main thing I complained about mostly before about his work. TURN THE WHEEL AROUND! Cause’ I feel like an idiot now. What really makes the film sell the most is the chemistry between Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke. They had such an amazing pair with one another (and no it is not a lesbian thing!! Lol) and it really made me smile all the way through.

Speaking of Greta Gerwig, some people say that they rather prefer her performance in “Frances Ha”. I feel that her performance in this is better because it may due to the fact that her character can be very adventurous, completely outgoing, and also have this sensitive side to her when she gets offended or when she gets stepped on by someone. With the character she is given here, she pulls it off extremely well.

My only issue with the film is that it is very thin-layered as a story. Most of the film is how Lola Kirke and Greta Gerwig meet as Step-sisters and how Greta Gerwig’s character wants to start a restaurant in New York…That’s it! Suprsingly It makes up for it just because of everything else surrounding it to the believable characters, to the light humor it throws, to the nostalgic soundtrack, to the performances, and to the dialogue as well. It makes me a little interested in what Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach will do next if they decide to collaborate again.

Overall Grade: B+

Guys what did you think of Mistress America? Are you interested in Independent films as I am? What is your favorite film from Noah Baumbach? Comment Below and start the conversation! Thanks for reading this review and I hope to see you soon!



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